Access to Info Day

illustration for 《T》magazine 

This project is a brief from 《T》magazine, 9.28 is “Access to Info Day”——for the International Day for Universal Access to Information(IDUAI). The 2023 conference agenda for the "International Day for Universal Access to Information" comprises three parts: emphasizing the significance of online access to information, ensuring equal access, open dialogue, free flow of information, and legal frameworks that promote transparency, accountability, and access to information.

The huge light beam in the picture is made up of a mobile phone, and the screen is playing different perspectives on the event from different characters and different media platforms. A person is sitting in front of each screen and this is the only way that he can get information. If you want to know well about the complete presentation of an event, you should be viewed by combining all the screens.

The top of the huge light pillar is constantly dissolving, which means that the fragmented and opaque network information is disintegrating the "truth".



Tuesday Oct 5 2021